Conlan Building |   Peter Symonds College, Winchester

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BTH were appointed as Architects to design a new classroom block to replace the existing single storey Photography Building at Peter Symonds College, Hampshire.


It is understood that the existing building was built between 1918 and 1939 and originally constructed as two squash courts before being converted into classrooms with darkrooms for the teaching of photography.


The new building occupies the same footprint as the original, mainly due to the constrictions on the site with existing buildings on two sides and a boundary line on the north which including a number of mature trees with root protection zones.


It is because of the proximity of the trees that the design of the new two storey building was located on the footprint of the existing building and the existing ground slab retained so as not to disturb or damage the tree roots. The building was designed as a timber frame to reduce the load on the slab and also avoid the requirement for new foundations.


The existing building was single storey under a large pitched roof with the design of the new building using a mono-pitch roof with reduced floor to ceiling heights so as not to exceed the original ridge line so as to minimise the impact on the adjacent neighbouring properties.


The building has been clad in timber which will weather to a brown/grey and will be recessive in colour sitting in front of its backdrop of mature trees.


The new Conlan Building now provides four new teaching spaces to current room space standards providing greater flexibility and quality within the college for additional teaching spaces including an access wc and lift to the first floor level. 




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