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BTH Consulting (bthc) is a multi-disciplinary practice that specialises in providing architectural, principal designer and project management services across a diverse portfolio of project types. 

Our extensive experience in building design, construction and project management enables us to respond with knowledge to our client's differing demands in the design, development and procurement of all types of projects large and small. 

With small project teams, including architects, principal designers and project managers, working closely with engineering and cost consultancy partners, bthc are able to provide well designed, well managed, cost effective, sustainable solutions in response to the client’s brief. This together with an in-depth knowledge of construction provides comprehensive co-ordinated information to reduce risk, promote buildability and enable realistic build costs to be obtained and maintained from inception to completion to meet each individual client’s requirements.


Based on this structure and approach bthc have successfully completed a wide range of projects in most public sectors and commercial areas. We are driven by the ambition of our clients to design buildings and spaces that fulfil their expectations by approaching each project in a practical and logical manner. We believe the key elements in achieving appropriate, high quality architecture and the criteria by which projects should be measured are as follows;


  • Meet clients and 'users' needs and exceed their expecatitions.
  • Provide high quality environments for the acitvities accommodated.
  • Make a positive contribution to the environment.
  • Promote a sense of well-being, community, social interaction and inclusion.
  • To be economic and robust in the future maintenance and running costs.
  • Design to optimize flexibility.
  • Be environmentally appropriate and incorporate current best practice.
  • Provide value for money.
  • Complete on time and to budget.
  • We encourage customers to develop collaborative supply chain management links with us so that we can improve your service, satisfaction and most importantly profitability.
  • Seek innovative design solutions to project challenges.



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